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see if anymore unstable rock could be coming through. we are waiting to hear from the golden gate transit authority can -- and c.h.p. to find out what will happen next. two left lanes are closed and two left lanes are closed but traffic is slow through sausalito. >> watch out for the falling rocks. >> another traffic issue is in san jose. the c.h.p. is investigating a body found on interstate 280. this is a look at the scene. the coroner arrived at the southbound side of 280 near the off-ramp. you can see a heavy c.h.p. presence there after the body was found in the lanes before 3:30 this morning. we are told it is the body of a woman, not known if she was lit by cars on the friend or died some other way. there is a sig-alert in affect. >> what can drivers do in san jose and sausalito to try to get
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around the situation? >> this is live shot of sky 7 at wall drove grade. the best way i think to get around this is the golden gate ferry, you can take the bay bridge and. cog around but the jamup is expensive, and backed up into sausalito. can you get through sausalito on surface streets but that will be a major jam up. as far as the south bay, the accident, the fatal accident southbound 280, that accident also is blocking the three right lanes and the best alternate is to take southbound 280 to northbound 880 and northbound 880 to southbound 101 and sig-alert in san jose southbound 280, a lost folks have gotten
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the word out so it does not look too bad on the scene but that is a great alternate. mike? >> good morning, everyone. we will start with live doppler 7 hd. dry air was in the neighborhoods yesterday and it took away any chance of fog this morning. we will talk about what will happen today around the bay. we are cooler, low-to-mid 40's, and we will be sunny at noon and low 60's hanging out in the mid-to-upper 60's the better part of the afternoon and in the evening fall back to near 60. in our neighborhoods of the valley, we are looking at cooler conditions and 41. by noon we are 63 degrees and above average near 70 this afternoon. it will be clear in the evening hours and you will be in the low-to-mid 50's. the coast will be different, it is clear this morning, 44 degrees but it will be brisk and mid-50's through 4:00, and, then, if you can get out there, a gorgeous sunset is waiting for you at 51 degrees.
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kristen and eric? >> breaking news in virginia. >> details are emerging following a shooting at a military base that left three active duty marines dead including the suspect. it happened last night at marine base quantico in virginia. the suspected shooter killed a male and a female colleague before killing himself. there is no word of of motive with all three bodies found on the barracks and abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is following the story and will have more at 6:30. >> san francisco's archbishop is making strong comments against gays and lesbians marrying. this is days before the supreme court considers california's ban on same-sex marriage. the archbishop says the debate will continue no matter how the court rules. he says that he relies many people in san francisco disagree with the teach >>guest: on
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marriage and sex but there is also a deeply embedded catholic culture here with many who understand and cherish the church teachings. >> and new information on christopher dorner, a battle for the $1.2 million reward offered for his capture. dorner took his own life in a southern california cabin after a shoot out with police. now, the associated press reports that a couple tied up by dropper and a man he car jabbed are both trying to blame the reward munch the people who want the money are being public because they know he cannot come after them. he killed four during the rampage in southern california including two police officers. >> ahead, the bay area cities leading the nation in rising home prices. >> new this morning, president obama pays tribute to victims of the holocaust. ahead, what is next for the commander in chief as he is ready to leave israel.
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>> a live look from highway 101 in the north bay where boulders have come down and are blocked all lanes of traffic headed to the golden gate bridge but now, traffic is getting through in the two left lanes.
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>> good morning, we have two separate sig-alerts. a live shot of sky 7, from the
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waldo tunnel. the tow truck is there hauling the cars away. boulders fell off the grade and on the road. cars obviously have slammed into them because they did not see it. it is very dark out there. c.h.p. is concerned the hill is unstable so they have two right lanes still coned off. you can get by in the two left lanes. this is southbound 101 coming from the waldo tunnel and the best alternate is to take either of golden gate ferry or the richmond san rafael bridge around to san francisco. and southbound 280, there is a fatal accident and c.h.p. and investigators are on the scene. the two right lanes, now, remain blocked. as we head over there, you can see southbound 280, c.h.p. is on the scene. the lanes are getting by on the left-hand side and an alternate
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for this way to avoid it is to take south 280 to north 880 to south 101. a busy morning. mike? >> morning, everyone. 39 in petaluma. 38 in pleasanten and american can wrong and palo alto at 40. santa clara is 43. saratoga is 44. walnut creek is 45 and 44 in belmont and 47 in richmond. today we will have temperatures nearing 70 inland neighborhoods. mid-to-upper 60's around the bay. brisk at the coast at mid-50's. the breezes will. could back in the afternoon. tomorrow they will taper and so will our temperatures with sunday the warmest day this weekend and monday is cooler. >> three of the cities with the fastest growing housing prices are here in northern california. says san francisco has the second fastest growing home prices in the country, prices are up 19 percent from
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last year. we are behind fee -- phoenix, and las vegas, and san diego up 17 percent. sacramento rounds out the top five with prices up 15 percent in the last year. >> ahead, pepsi is ready to do something it hasn't done in 17 years. >> caught on camera, president obama speaks to college students in israel and is
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area this is abc7
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news. >> good morning, sue hall in the traffic center, we have a live shot of san jose, this is southbound 280, we had an early fatal accident and c.h.p. obviously is on scene with a lost activity with the two right lanes blocked off. the left lanes are getting by and we are finding out the 1ing street on-ramp to southbound 280 is closed because of the fatal accident. northbound 880 to 101 is the alternate around this, which is a sig-alert. >> 6:15, day they of president obama's trip to the middle east and right now the president is getting ready to leave israel and head to jordan. this is a look at air force one from the airport in tel aviv. abc7 news reporter is following the president's trip from washington, dc and joins us, live. ait has been a busy and historic three days for president obama in the middle east.
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he concluded a meeting in bethlehem and the place of birth of jesus. he held final meetings with the israelis and palestinians. >> on the final day in israel, he paid tribute to the history of the jewish people laying wreaths at graves israeli cultural icons and preparing victims of the holocaust. >> they were men and women and children, so many children, send to their deaths because of would they were, how they prayed or who they loved. >> the trip has been rich with symbolism reaffirming the allowance in a send off toast with israeli leaders. >> in a speech to israeli college students the president tried to rekindle hope that peace with palestinians is possible. >> as political leaders, they will never take risks if the people do not push them to take the risks.
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you must create the change you want to see. >> the message was warmly received. a protester stole some of the spotlight. >> i have to say we actually arranged for that so i would feel at home! >> the president now heads to jordan where protests ahead of the visit undercover the challenges he faces. >> yesterday his talk was okay but he doesn't do anything on the ground. >> president obama this afternoon meets with jordan king, a key ally and the violence in syria will be at the top of agenda. >> we continue to follow the two big breaking traffic stories we have, including a body on 280 and boulders on 101 causing problems. >> triggering sig-alerts. >> that is right, two separate
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sig-alerts, and sky 7 h.p.d. is over the waldo grade in sausalito area with boulders and extensive damage to at least five cars which are now towed away. hopefully, something will be done about the right lanes but c.h.p. is afraid the hillside is not stable so they could keep them off limits for the commute. southbound 101 is jamming through the waldo tunnel so the alternates around this, golden gate ferries are a great way do go through sausalito and avoid the area altogether and take the richmond-san rafael bridge. in san jose there was an early fatal accident blocking the two right lanes southbound 280, you can see traffic is getting by but it is continuing to be slow as the commute is underway in earnest this morning and an investigation is ongoing here
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and the alternate around this, again, would be south 280 to north 880 to southbound 101. mike has a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows the dry air yesterday on the breezes and that will continue today. no need to worry about any regard day returns or wet weather. a beautiful picture of the bay bridge this morning from south beach across the western span, and san francisco 46 and oakland and san jose 47, walnut creek and palo alto at 40. dress for 38 in mill valley. we are at 43 in santa rosa and napa is cooler at 4 and fairfield is 51 because of the breezes keeping the temperatures up. today, a lot of sunshine again. breezy and mild temperatures and warmer than yesterday. clear and calmer and cooler tonight, and the warmest day in the seven-day outlook is sunday. as far as right now, high pressure is developing, and it
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developed over the great basin while you were sleeping and that is what helped bring us this dry and warmer offshore wind and the reason why we will have sunshine to the coast. in the south by, milpitas at 69, and santa cruz headed over to the coast, 69 and everyone help around 70 to 72 and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula and nearly 60 at half moon bay and the sunset will be blustery in the mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco, and sausalito is joining that. upper 60's to low 70's headed through the north bay and it will be windy at your beep, also, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and upper 60's including at oakland at 69 and fremont and the east bay valley not so breezy but 69 at pittsburg and everyone else in the low 70's and tonight it will be breezy in the higher elevation and temperatures in the valleys not affected, mid-40's to low 40's and
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mid-40's around the bayshore to low 40's in the south bay and at the coast. the seven-day outlook show temperatures pulling become a degree or two tomorrow but not so breezy. you can see the surge in remain whatth for sunday and we will pull back monday and tuesday and the wins come on shore again and our coolest days will be wednesday and thursday and that is our best chance for light rain. have a great day. >> ahead, the change pepsi is making to make one of the sodas easier to drink the. >> there is a yoga pant removeed from store shelves for being too shear and lulu lemon is taking
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>> good morning, 6:24. we have a live picture from sky 7, look at crews dealing with boulders that slid off the hillside in sausalito slamming into a few cars, south of the waldo tunnel. right now they are keeping the two right lanes southbound 101 still closed with a backup building as the commute kicks into high gear leading law the waldo tunnel but they will keep the lanes closed to check for the hillside stability with wrongs coming down when cornell was doing the last live shot. the two left lanes are closed so there is a backup because of the
6:23 am
boulders falling on 101. >> pepsi has a new shape for the 20-ounce bolts featureing a contour bottom easier to hold. the label is shorter so you can see more of the drink, this is the first change for the bottle shape in 17 years. the new bottles go into production next month but it will take a while for them to show up on the shelves. >> the lulu lemon yoga pants story continues. the head of the retailer says they do not know why they came toeshoe, according to the chief executive, the recall pants passed quality assurance tests and they now are taking steps to improve salt control after recalling the pants. lulu lemon estimates losing revenue between $57 to $67 million for this year. >> beyonce will show off new threads, starting a new partnership with clothing retailer h&m and appear in print
6:24 am
and tv ads with the summer collection launching in may. the company says beyonce had input in the design and featuring her personal style. the poe toes were taken in the bahamas for the ad campaign. >> we have two breaking traffic story including the boulders problemming the southbound lane of i would we near the waldo tunnel and a body found on the south bay freeway overnight, ahead the impact on traffic right now and the investigation underway. >> we are following breaking news from quantico, virginia, a marine could be behind the murder-suicide that left three marines dead. but what led to the shooting? >> in the next seven days we will go up today, a little bit down tomorrow, up on sunday, and cooler weather, and that could mean rain is on the way in the seven-day outlook in. >> sue hall live in traffic
6:25 am
center, we have the situation off the waldo grade with the right lanes closed down and bumper to bumper traffic and we have the fatal accident south san jose, rather, southbound 280 in san jose and we have alternate routes around you to get you into work this morning when we come back after the break on abc7
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> the breaking news comes from the north bay, highway 101 southbound specifically south of the waldo tunnel where some boulders came down and caused all kinds of traffic problems. >> that is right. the boulders hit a few cars and a few cars were damaged including a mercedes. two right lanes are closed as they check for the hillside stability and whether other boulders will come down and we are following breaking news in
6:28 am
hoes where they are investigating a body found on interstate 280 so another big traffic issue. this is a live scene in the southbound direction of 280 near the off-ramp and the coroner arrived in the last hour. this body was found before 3:30 this morning and we are told it was a woman. it is not clear if she was it by cars or died another way. caltran has issued a sig-alert. >> sue hall is following the exact of both of the problems on the commute. sue? >> quite an impact. good morning, be, we are live in the abc7 news traffic center monitoring both of these sig-alerts and hope to have sky 7 to show you what is going on on the waldo grade the backup is coming from the tunnel and traffic is very slow up the waldo grade and two right lanes are blocked before alexander as you approach the golden gate bridge so the best recommendation is to try to take the ferry from sausalito, which are run on time this morning,
6:29 am
and, also, the other alternate to avoid this is richmond and san rafael bridge, to get around it. they will be there most of the morning because the hill is very unstable and they afraid to on the two right lanes although the boulders are out of the roadway. >> in san jose, the second accident, the second sig-alert, northbound 280, still if lanes and the right lane, two right lanes are closed before the other overpassing at 11th, and you can see the left lanes are getting by, c.h.p. is on the scene and the coroner is on the scene and because it is a fatal they are doing a thorough investigation and it will be some time before this is open. the alternate around this is to take south 280 to north 880 back to south 101. mike? >> thank you very much. good morning, everyone, we will start with live doppler 7 hd off to a dry start this morning, picking up the lack of moisture
6:30 am
in the air and we have winds but they are fastest in the central valley with a wind advisory from 8:00 this morning to 7:00 this evening so watch out for gusty conditions. with the wind blowing from the north, if you are driving along 50, 84, any of those east to west corridors you will get buffetted by the wind hitting you with higher profile vehicle the more you will be using white knuckles. temperatures are cooler this morning, and 62 at noon but the breezes back in the afternoon and mid-to-upper 60's and a nice evening, sunny at 7:00, temperatures are waning a little bit down to 61 but so will the breezes starting to taper. we are cooler inland, clear and 40, and 63 at noon and above average and 70 with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's under sun. at the coast, it will be blustery starting out clear and 45 and mid-to-upper 50's for the better part of the afternoon and if you watch the sun then
6:31 am
setting, it will be beautiful at 51. >> we have breaking news on highway 101 with several lanes blocked in sausalito after boulders fell right down into the lane. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is on the scene. >> dangerous situation with rocks falling off this rocky hillside next to southbound 101. caltran has determined the two right lanes on southbound 101 will remain closed for the next hour. in fact, they could be closing all lanes here to remove a lot of the boulders that have fallen from the hillside to southbound 101. look at this video, a lot of the boulders fell on to the freeway as we said, and at least five cars ran right into them and that caused extensive damage to one of the cars, with flat tires to all of the other cars.
6:32 am
we have been told that no one was hurt. you have to believe that a lost motorists shaken up by that. take a listen. >> this is substantial. i just lightly hit one and i have a flat tire. and another car had a whole front end taken off. >> the c.h.p. has been talking about closing all the lanes so they can remove some of the boulders that at least the large part are in front of the front loader here, and so far are that has not happened. two left lanes southbound 101. open. we had a scary situation happen to us in the last hour when we were talking live on the air on abc7 news and a lot of the rocks continued or started to fall down off of the cliff. that has subsided but we have been told by the caltran, by caltran and by chop -- c.h.p. we
6:33 am
need to move from the area because the situation is too unstable. we will do that and get behalf -- get back to you. >> breaking news from virginia, three marines are dead following an apparent murder-suicide. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is monitoring developments. >> lockdown is lifted and authorities do not believe there is further danger to the base or there are any other victims but there are a lot of unknowns that investigators need to figure out. the deadly shooting happened at the marine corps base in want coe, virginia, last night, the first sign of trouble was a 9-1-1 call at 7:30. authorities were on the scene in five minutes and they do not report hearing gunshots. police found three bodies snowed a -- three bodies inside a barracks. an active duty marine killed two
6:34 am
fellow marines, a man and a woman and himself. the base commander called this a tragic loss for the marine corps. >> we take care our marines and their families that are dealing with this tragedy i ask for the support of our neighbors, the community and their thoughts and prayers, as well for our marines who is lost their comrades in arms. >> the commander did not take questions this morning and did not give any indication as to what the motive behind the shooting might have been. the victims' name not been released but all three worked as training personnel on the base. >> police in san jose are certaining for a wanted paroleee. yesterday, police searched for him in a neighbor and investigators say he was armed
6:35 am
with a gun. will milpitas police tried to detain him and that led to a chase. he hopped several fences in order to get appear. >> we are following a traffic situation on both north bay and south bay and we will write you the latest and the beauty queen coming face to face with president obama. >> the madness is on, what is next for the cal bears after they upset unlv. >> a look outside, can you see highway 101 in marin county with some traffic getting through despite the boulders that fell on the roadway but the hillside is still unstable.
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>> good morning, from the abc7 news traffic center with a busy friday morning, two separate signature alerts one in the north bay with sky 7 above polling the situation with boulders on the roadway just beyond the waldo tunnel, southbound 101, the hillside remains unstable so c.h.p. is telling our abc7 news cornell bernard that the right lanes will remain closed for another hour. the backup is building in earnest as folks are up for the friday morning commute. not a light commute leaving marin county, and up the waldo grade from the sausalito side of things. and the ferry is a great alternate for you and the
6:39 am
richmond san rafael bridge through sausalito. >> and if san jose, it is southbound 280, just before the off-ramp we have the overcrossing there, the 11th street overcrossing, a go indication of where this accident is. also, the 7th street on-ramp, this is a live shot, 7th street on-ramp is closed and you need to use the 11th street on-ramp to southbound 80 and traffic is very slow and the last two lanes are getting by with a fatal accident that happened early this morning and c.h.p. and investigators are on seen. to get around this you take south 880 to north 880 to 101. >> how is the weather center? >> quiet compared to what the commuters are dealing with and thankfully no rain. from mount tamalpais to sausalito you can see san francisco in the background and temperatures are warmer than yesterday, from four degrees in santa rosa to seven in san
6:40 am
francisco to eight degrees in fremont and san jose. the wins came overnight and the wind advisory was faster and the fastest rain is santa rosa and novato at 12 miles per hour and in the central valley at 16 miles per hour. the breezes come back today and mid-50's to low 60's and mid-to-upper 60's around the bay shore and upper 60's to low 70's inland. kristen and eric? >> march madness is still very much alive in berkeley, cal upset unlb at the tapping, and cal scored 19 points and ran nine boards by allen, and the bears defense held the rebels without a basket for 11 minutes in the second half and cal stunned unlb, 64 to 61 and now they take on fourth seeded orangemen at h.p. pavilion.
6:41 am
st. mary's lost to memphis and they come home from auburn hills. we have an update on road conditions from san jose to sausalito. >> a look at the big board and the dow is in positive territory up 43 points and we go live do jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> but, first, the international beauty queen coming
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:46, we continue to follow breaking news from sausalito right now where boulders are blocking the lanes of southbound
6:44 am
101 just south of the waldo tunnel. this is a live look and you can see the two left lanes are getting through but the c.h.p. says that the other two lanes, well, they could be re-opening pretty soon. they have had to clean up debris there and abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has been bringing updates. c.h.p. told he and the photographer they is to move because the hillside is too unstale. >> breaking news in shows where -- in san jose where a body was found on 280 on the southbound side near the off-ramp, a heavy c.h.p. presence is still there at scene after the body was found in one lane 3 1/2 hours ago were we are toll it is a woman but it is not moan if she was hit by cars or died another way. a sig-alert is issued and sue hall is telling us now that it will probably be 9:30 when all lanes are re-opened.
6:45 am
>> happening now, president obama is ready to debart israel if jordan this morning, and a high point of time in israel is meeting the first black beauty queen. the newly crowned miss israel is ethiopia percent immigrant. she is outspoken advocate for her people and says dr. martin luther king is one of her heroes. i -- she was invited by the president to attend the state dinner the. >> very tall. >> wow! >> what can you can do to make sure the home you are buying will not lose value. >> and jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> jane? >> good morning, the new blackberry is on sale here in the united states today, only at at&t stores verizon will get it next week. this is a big test if the struggling again's turn around
6:46 am
company where the wonder company was a leader that has been overtakeen by iphones and droid. the s&p is in the green making up some of the losses we had yesterday on words of europe and the particular problems with cyprus. and the silicon valley index is trading a bit higher at home. if you want to make sure the value of your home does not drop a lot by a place located close to public transportation. the transportation association and the national association of realtors says during the last recession residential property values in san francisco, phoenix is other metro areas purchased 42 percent better a half mile from public transportation with high frequency service. blackberry and the iphones and droid, with more than six billion mobile phones on the planet there could be more mobile phones on earth that clean toilets, addressing a shortage is a biggest challenge
6:47 am
facing the governments with the water day at the united nations gathering to discuss the topic at the hague today. >> have a great weekend. >> continuing to follow the problems on the freeway in san jose and sausalito. >> trouble getting to work if you are in marin county, sue has the latest. >> we are just getting a tweet from marin saying they hope to have those lanes southbound 101 re-opened in 30 minutes, sky 7 is above the scene and it looks like they might have just as we speak gotten the lanes open. we will keep following it for you, and it looks like traffic is flow bets are out of the waldo tunnel, so better news leaving marin county for the morning commute otherwise to san jose we have a fatal accident still blocking the two right lanes and a new e.t.o. for that accident, 9:30 this morning and traffic remains slow beyond the seen and you can see a live shot as they make their way southbound 280 an early fatal
6:48 am
and 880 to 101 is the best alternate. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd it is dry this morning, and our streets are dry, also, and it will remain dry so if you have not put the umbrella away you will not need it until wednesday or thursday. a beautiful picture of the bay bridge and san francisco, oak, san jose all at 40 degrees. mill valley is coolest at 37. in san jose it is clear, and santa rosa is 43 and napa at 4 with los gatos and livermore is 42. look at fairfield: 51. but it is breezy. that is why they are warmer. it will be bright this afternoon. mild to warm temperatures this weekend, and we have a chance of rain wednesday and thursday. right now, we are looking at high pressure, one over the ocean and one over land and that
6:49 am
is what is bringing us with the clockwise flow, the offshore wind, the dry and warmer conditions for today. we will have 69 at milpitas and santa cruz and everyone else if the low 70's and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula today and over the coast, it will be brick or more brisk or more blustery, and 60's at sunset but the winds are faster and through the north bay valley, head and shoulders above everyone else in that area, and we will have mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore from 65 in richmond to oakland and fremont at 69 and 69 in pittsburg and everyone else around 70 to fun in the east bay valley where the breezes will be the lowest. as far as tonight, mid-to-upper 30's inland where it will be coolest and way too dry for any fog to form and we will have low-to-mid 40's around the bay
6:50 am
shore and to the coast. you can see all seven days of the accweather seven-day outlook, you can see it will be cooler tomorrow, and not so breezy, and it will be warmest on sunday and temperatures will be the same for monday can tuesday but above average away from the coast and wednesday and thursday, it is coolest and that is our next chance of light rain. have a great day. eric and kristen? >> ahead, five things to know before you
6:51 am
6:52 am
>> as we are ready to hand things off to america mechanic "good morning america" all lanes are re-opening with traffic moving smoothly finally after boulders caused major lanes in the lanes on highway 101 just south of the waldo tunnel. this is all southbound 101 with
6:53 am
several drivers hitting the boulders, flattening tires and causing other damage to their cars. all lanes, again, just re-opened. >> we continue to follow breaking news in san jose where the c.h.p. is investigating a body found on interstate 280 much the two right lanes at 7th street on-ramp are closed until 9:30 this morning. the body is that of a woman but it is not clear if she was hit by cars on the friend or died in another fashion. >> shooting at the marine base quantico in virginia left three active duty marines led including the suspect. the suspected shooter killed a male and female colleague before killing himself. no confirmation of a motive at this time. >> san francisco archbishop speaking out on gay marriage days before the supreme court considers the constitutionality of prop 8 saying he relied many people of san francisco disagree with the church's teachings but he says that there is also a
6:54 am
very dopily embedded catholic culture in the bay area. >> bay area police departments will join law enforcement agencies around the world in a 24 hour police tweet-a-thon, and palo alto and east palo alto and fremont and los gatos and mountain view police department are participating with 160 police agencies worldwide to give you at look at what police answers do each day. >> mike, how is the weather? >> a beautiful live shot from emeryville, the hills, berkeley hills, actually, looking back toward san francisco. today, the freezes pick up, keeping the dry air here in the sunshine and mid-60's to 70 an the bay and wins are the most frisky at the coast and mid-60's to 71 inland. sue? >> all lanes now are open, southbound 101, good news and traffic is backed toward marin
6:55 am
city and sausalito but it will be recovering shortly and san jose, those lanes southbound are ready to re-open at 9:30 this morning so not friday lite with the two sig-alerts now down to
6:56 am
6:57 am
good morning, america. and breaking overnight, three marines dead in a shooting on base.
6:58 am
the suspect killing two fellow soldiers before turning the gun on himself, barricading himself inside the barracks, a standoff that lasted through the night. we have a live report from quantico. security breach, the man posing as a pilot who bluffed his way into a cockpit. how did he slip through every level of security. the real-life "catch me if you can." >> this was just me saving my mom's life. >> a hero's son, he is, the pro wrestler in a panic. his mother's home on fire and she was trapped inside. her only way out blocked. his superhuman feat uprooting a tree using his bare hands in an unbelievable rescue. ♪ what's new pussycat and feeling grumpy? she is. the cat who's gone global over her signature pout. she can't seem to lighten up about anything.
6:59 am
can we get grumpy cat to crack a smile on "gma"? we'll see if we can get sam to crack a smile. >> lara just said there's grumpy cat. >> we want to wish you all good morning. robin and george off today. some well-deserved time off. great to have elizabeth vargas and paula faris here and we're turning our eyes to the middle east where the president is about to conclude his trip there and he brought with him a very blunt message for the israelis, make peace with the palestinians. >> making some headlines there. also we've got a big headline about what you're eating. why scientists are saying that one out of every ten deaths in america can be blamed on salt. obviously too much of it. >> yeah. >> indeed. and the founder of one of

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